The Hill Community Center – Vision Night Recap

Last Sunday, 295 people from the City of San Bernardino and Sandals Church came together to celebrate the announcement of “The Hill Community Center.” The Mayor, School Board, City Council, County Supervisor, City and County School Districts, Non-Profit and For-Profit Business leaders, and community members all came together to show support for this exciting project.

As the clock counted down to zero, the room went dark. Slowly a light began to shine on stage. Brandon Allen, a spoken word artist, stepped into the spotlight and began to speak.

“I have heavied this heartache

Dragged boulders of brokenness

Burdened bricks of a barren boyhoods

Battered bodies and bruised beauty

Buried young Brandon’s and Brandy’s left unbrazened and branded

It felt like abandoned prayers and days mishandled…”

From the first moments of the event, you could feel the excitement in the room. School Board President Scott Wyatt shared the struggle and brokenness our students face. He reminded us that this has caused them to have incredible strength and resilience. The Hill will be a place where they can be molded and shaped to set them up for success in their lives.

Former Chairman Ken Ramirez of the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians shared that he would call on all his connections, relationships, and friendships to build and support this project, including universities, hospitals, community leaders, and more. He challenged all of us to step into this with commitment and conviction.

Pastor Matt Brown shared his heart for the people of San Bernardino and his call to all of Sandals Church to “lock arms” and build something beautiful in this city. 14 campuses coming together with skills, resources, volunteers, and prayers to make a difference in the City of San Bernardino. 

After the big reveal, a video walkthrough of The Hill Community Center, everyone stepped into the courtyard and was greeted by refreshments and a tour of the facility. The 10,000 sq/ft building, formerly a Christian school and storage for the last few years, will once again be a place where the hearts and minds of youth will be inspired and cared for!

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Chris Reinhard
Campus Pastor, Sandals Church San Bernardino
and Director, The Hill Community Center