While initially designed with teens and young adults in mind,
the Hill will be a true community center, providing programming to individuals,
young adults and families seeking support through available resources
to improve their economic resiliency and quality of life.

Looking to do your laundry or volunteer at the Laundry Facility?

Together, we can make this dream of bringing hope to the teenagers of San Bernardino a reality.

The projected cost of constructing this space is 1.3 million dollars and by donating funds,
we can bring these spaces to life and give much-needed aid to the next generation.

The Hill Community Center has three project phases totaling $1,320,000. We’ve met our Phase 1 goal of $500,000
and have almost met our Phase 2 goal of $320,000. We’re excited to move forward towards the Phase 3 goal of $500,000.

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Students in San Bernardino are struggling with loneliness, mental health, violence, housing insecurity, access to hygienic products, services, and personal safety. 10% of minors are currently homeless, and 90% are classified by the School Board as “socioeconomically disadvantaged”. Sandals Church and the ROGO Impact Initiative, in partnership with multiple city and county educators as well as local small business owners and nonprofits, have decided to address these problems by launching a community center giving teenagers access to a safe, clean, and fun environment for them to connect with their peers and adults who want to walk alongside them, as well as get access to valuable aid.

By redesigning a rundown and unused building at Sandals Church San Bernardino, the community center will provide access to laundry facilities, licensed counseling, clothing, healthy food, recreational facilities and regular programming, as well as career/opportunity development facilities and services.

Launched August 2023

An energy efficient laundry facility open to students of surrounding middle and high schools, free of charge, allowing them access to the facility, which will include water efficient washers/dryers (along with detergent, fabric softener, bleach, etc.) and a lounge for them to hang out in while they wait for their laundry.


A fully furnished and beautifully designed lounge space for students to rest, relax, or even get some studying done. While safe and secure alternatives to hanging out on the streets are hard to come by, this lounge will serve as a sanctuary for teenagers—a place where they’ll feel safe to let their guard down.


This eco-friendly, drought tolerant landscaped patio space will support various programming opportunities, including open-mic nights, life skill classes, and micro-concerts, while also being accessible to students to hang out with their friends or work on their homework.


Partnering with licensed professionals and local organizations, several rooms and spaces will be available for free counseling to support students’ mental and emotional health needs and tutoring to broaden their academic/career opportunities in the future, as well as STEM spaces to enhance their learning.

Programming available at the Hill Community Center will address basic needs and will strengthen the local community and economy with opportunities for growth. Basic needs will include laundry facilities, a hygiene and food pantry, and access to health and wellness services including medical, dental and mental healthcare. Growth opportunities include vocational programming, mentoring, tutoring, recreational space and classes for after-school programming and self-enrichment. All programming is designed to address local needs, build resiliency, and strengthen the local economy and community through building skills within individual residents and families.

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