10 Strategies Every Church Needs to Emerge from COVID-19

Even before all of the challenges of 2020, the Church was struggling to exist in a post-Christian culture. Many pastors are struggling with technology and how to reach upcoming generations, and stats show that in the next 18 months, one in five churches may permanently close their doors.

So, what can you do about it as a church leader?

We have created a resource that will help you lead yourself and your church out of this difficult season and into a season of growth.

We share some of the best practices that we have developed over the years at Sandals Church that have helped us become one of the fastest growing churches in America, so that you and your team can not just survive this 2021, but thrive!

Our Church Survival Guide resource contains:

  • 10 Strategies Every Church Needs to Emerge from COVID-19.
  • Goals you can aim to achieve throughout 2021.
  • Tips to manage your financials.
  • Exercises developed to build the foundation of a “self-care” plan for leaders.
  • Tips to help your church go digital effectively.
  • Three things you need to Get Real about to thrive this year.

We’re offering our Church Survival Guide by Dan Zimbardi for a donation of any amount. Proceeds from this resource will go towards developing effective church leaders and revitalizing struggling churches to further the kingdom of God.

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