Investing in Places

We reposition kingdom resources and transforming aging facilities into places where believers and non-believers alike can be excited and feel welcome to come learn about Jesus.

Church Mergers

We partner with churches that are looking to increase their impact and bring them into our network, providing the opportunity to strengthen their leadership and improve their property – leading to an 86% average increase in attendance*.

*Average increase from pre-vote to 3 months following reopening

A few examples:

Palm Baptist Church
Now Sandals Church Palm Avenue
35 people -> 1,100 people

Amethyst Bible Church
Now Sandals Church East Valley
30 people -> 770 people

Renewal Christian Fellowship
Now Sandals Church Moreno Valley
45 people -> 550 people

Lakeside Church
Now Sandals Church Lake Arrowhead
45 people -> 260 people


“Just a stone’s throw from our campus there is a plan to build 3,500 homes… I thought, we want to be that place, we want to reach those people and but we were struggling so much.

This is what we always prayed for, what we always wanted to have happen, and now it is happening.”

-Gary Newcombe, Amethyst Bible Church (now Sandals Church East Valley)


It really made sense for us, knowing that we had seen the church go from something that was huge 15 years ago and now we were down to 60 or 70 people, we were ready for something like this…

-Josh Morey, Lakeside Church (now Sandals Church Lake Arrowhead)


Does this sound familiar?