Helping rebuild the local church

Since 2015 Sandals Church and the ROGO Foundation have completed more than 10 church mergers and helped countless other struggling churches get back on track.

How do we do that?

Church Revitalization

We exist to help churches overcome challenging seasons and revitalize some that are on the road to closure. By implementing our proven ministry model, we see increased attendance, professions of faith, and baptisms. With this, we ensure that each revitalized location will thrive and continue on for generations to come.

Strategic Support

Leading and growing a local church is hard. We want to share what we have learned to benefit any church that would want the help. We also help connect church leaders with their counterparts at Sandals Church to help them understand how to implement new strategies to resolve the challenges they are currently facing.

How can we help?

How do you grow your church younger if it’s been skewing older?

Vivi has been part of Youth and Young Adults ministry for years and is now helping lead the next-gen ministry at Sandals Church to help us meet the needs of younger generations.

Are you trying to figure out how to update or modernize your aging facilities?

Kelwyn oversees the renovation and restoration of our revitalization partnerships which help breath new life into aging church facilities.

How do you attract and welcome outsiders if your church is full of insiders?

With decades of ministry experience, Jonathan helps launch our revitalized churches with proven strategies, stability and support.

Marketing and social media are important but you’re not sure where to start?

Everyone agrees that social media is a great way to connect with people and get your message out there. Mike leads a team that does that every day, developing content, best practices, and ways to connect with people in the digital age.

Do you want to upgrade to newer technology or utilize digital media?

With experience both inside of and outside of the Church in technology and digital media, Zac helps us stay current on trends, technology, media, and helps us to figure out how we can utilize those to accomplish our mission.

You know that to reach more people you need to develop leaders and volunteers?

Ron’s heart for people and the local Church doesn’t stop at Sandals Church, he wants to see all Churches thrive. For years he has helped develop leaders and volunteers to meet the needs of our organization and others to help them thrive.

Watch a story of how we helped rebuild a local Church

Hey I’m Scot

I serve as the Advancement Director for both Sandals Church and the ROGO Foundation. My family and I began attending Sandals Church in 2016. We knew very quickly that the Lord was calling us to make Sandals Church our home church and commit to its vision of being real. I have a decade of experience in church partnerships and development and have traveled all over the US, Australia and New Zealand, working with hundreds of churches and business leaders to bring them together to grow the local church.

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