Qualifications and Expectations

We’re looking for high-capacity church leaders who feel called to join the Sandals Church team long-term. The ideal candidates will be proactive and future-minded with a passion for living out the vision of being real and sharing it with those around them.

Additionally, every candidate must:

  • Be a baptized believer in Jesus Christ
  • Acknowledge the Sandals Church Statement of Faith
  • Be prepared to call Sandals Church home long-term
  • Demonstrate their call to ministry


  1. What is the expected time commitment?
  • The residency is a full-time, 40-hour job with benefits. Work days will vary but are typically Sunday thru Thursday.
  • The residency is a 12-month program.
  1. How will the time be spent?
  • 70% will be dedicated to your role, training, and learning about our culture.
  • 20% will be dedicated to coaching and personal development.
  • 10% will be spent in leadership development classes.
  1. Will Sandals Church provide housing for residents?
  • Sandals Church does not provide housing for residents. However, we will provide non-monetary assistance in finding housing.
  1. What happens once the residency is completed?
  • If completed, the time in residency will be considered the first year of your permanent employment.

Let us know you’re interested!