We are so thankful for the opportunity to journey alongside you in your development as a leader. God meets us in unexpected and beautiful ways when we intentionally enter into growth. We hope that you walk away from this experience with a better understanding of yourself and the barriers to your leadership. 

We will provide you with the tools for this experience but it will be up to you to implement them well. We have built this experience to guide you. Each part of the Intensive is like a building block and each block is purposely and intentionally placed and designed. Each aspect of this experience is made for you to intentionally engage in. 

Know that there is an enemy that wants to thwart this process. He wants to disrupt, cause doubt, and cause distrust in this process. There is incredible power in recognizing God’s work in your life and truly owning your testimony and story. The enemy would love to mess that all up for you. Pray against that as you go through this process in the name of Jesus. We trust God’s sovereignty in this and we are praying for God to meet you. Allow the spirit to guide you and speak to you. We encourage you to come into this experience willing, expectant for God to move and be mindful of your expectations.

We believe God has something for you in this and we are excited for the work He will do. 

ROGO School Team



Pray about the place you need to be for the ROGO School Intensive. We highly encourage you to complete Intensive in a space where you can disconnect from regular life, routine, distraction, responsibilities, and life’s demands (i.e. chores, work, etc.). This may mean you stay in a hotel/Air BnB out of town. You know yourself best, so you know if you would be tempted to do chores, care for the kids, or hop on your work email. 

Whatever you feel could be a temptation or distraction, do your best to eliminate that this weekend. How you prepare the space for yourself matters. Feel free to be creative! Think of the space as a sacred space and time for you and God to meet and spend time together. What kind of space would you most enjoy talking to your Heavenly Father?


Below is a recommended schedule. However, you can break up the sessions as needed:

DAY 1:


Session 1


Session 2


DAY 2:

Session 3 [Share your story]


Session 4



  • Determine how you need to prepare for this weekend. 
    • What food do you need to get/prepare?
    • Do you need to request work off? 
    • Do you need to give the kids to relatives this weekend? 
    • Do you need to cancel groups/parties plans? 
    • Do you need to change laundry/chore day to a different day? 
    • Do you need to turn your phone on airplane mode?
  • Make a list of relaxing and refreshing hobbies or activities (I.e. walk, bike ride, paint, yoga) you can do during the breaks.
  • Schedule a 2 hour block with your mentor for the sharing portion of Intensive experience (Day 2 – Session 3). Note: You can watch session 3 together with your mentor.


  • Wifi
  • Electronic device to watch the online videos
  • Poster Board, White, 22″ x 28
  • Markers/colored pencils/pens
  • 3×3 Post-it’s (2 stacks of 75 sheets – different colors)
  • Glue/ glue stick or tape
  • Scissors
  • Magazines or printed images that represent you and your life (that you don’t mind cutting up)
  • Hobbies/activity list
  • Snacks
  • Drinks
  • Printed or electronic copy of the ROGO School Intensive Workbook


Complete this prayer project.

Pastor Dan Crowley will be walking you through completing pages 8 and 11 in the ROGO School Intensive workbook

Lori Albee will be walking you through pages 12 – 46 in the ROGO School Intensive workbook

Lori Albee will be walking you through completing pages 47 – 62 in the ROGO School Intensive workbook.

Rebecca Boganwright will be leading you through a time of worship. 

Lori Albee and Pastor Dan Crowley will be walking you through sharing your life map with someone.

Note: Sharing groups are typically a group of four people sharing their stories. You likely will be sharing one on one with your mentor.

Lori Albee and Dan Crowley will walk you through pages 70 – 77 in the ROGO School Intensive workbook. Rebecca Boganwright will finish the Intensive by leading you through a time of worship.